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ASTM swing set safety standards
The swing set safety standards set by ASTM keep your family safe!

Swing set safety is an important goal here at Kid’s Creations. Throughout our website, we mention our active membership in ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials). But what does it really mean to be ASTM compliant?

What is the ASTM?

ASTM organization’s sole purpose is to test materials and determine safety standards. ASTM vets the evaluation tests, specifications and guidelines for material safety. ASTM also writes best practices for material safety and they pay close attention to swing set safety too!

Meeting the Standard for Swing Set Safety…

ASTM playground safety guidelinesWhen children are playing, accidents can happen. That is exactly why we exceed ASTM swing set standards to eliminate all unnecessary risks.

Following the ASTM safety standards, along with some good old-fashioned common sense, is our way of mitigating potential accidents.

Any time there are new safety standards, we rush to implement them into our swing set designs. There is no price you can put on the safety of children. Knowing that our swing set and play set designs are following the guidelines of the ASTM lets us sell our products with confidence, knowing that the children who play on them are playing on the safest possible backyard equipment in the country.

Example of ASTM Safety Measures…

One good example of an ASTM safety measure is the change to standard F1148, Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Home Playground Equipment.

“The revised version of F1148 no longer allows home playground sets designed with swings that attach to an upper body component (such as “monkey bars”).”

“…This change will eliminate potentially hazardous situations such as:

  • Conflicts in circulation patterns;
  • Conflicts in use patterns;
  • Children falling from an upper body component onto an underlying or adjacent swinging component and becoming injured; or
  • Children attempting to access an upper body component from a swinging component and becoming injured.”

As you can see, the ASTM swing set standards go far and above just examining the materials. ASTM examines all possible use patterns and determines safety conflicts surrounding use and materials.

The Bottom Line of ASTM Swing Set Standards

The purpose of ASTM swing set standards is to reduce the likelihood of injury.

The bottom line is that compliance in ASTM safety standards ensures that our swing set designs are void of safety conflicts. We proudly bear the membership of ASTM on our website. While we take pride in designing action packed swing sets, playground safety is the most dominant part of our DNA. Without offering premium safety features, we would not have any identity. With our play equipment, you can rest assured your children are playing in the safest environment possible!

swing set safety zones set by ASTM
Unsure if your swing set will safely fit in your backyard? Be sure to check our image gallery on all of our models. Each model has a Safety Zone illustration to help you determine if it is safe for your backyard. Meets or exceeds all ASTM safety standards.
custom swingsets safety zone calculator
Want to build your own custom swing set, but concerned about safety? Don’t worry… Our swing set designer has a custom safety zone calculator. Available on all towers!

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