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low maintenance swing sets
Redwood swing sets only require re-staining every four-five years. Low maintenance swing sets give the whole family more time to enjoy their backyard play adventure. 

There are so many things to maintain in your yard, why not make it easy on yourself and buy a swing set that requires very low maintenance?

Redwood Swing Sets Require Low Maintenance

Our redwood swing sets are factory stained to be rot and decay resistant. While pine swing sets may be slightly cheaper (not always) they require yearly maintenance, while redwood swing sets do not!

In fact, if you’re looking for super low maintenance swing sets, redwood is the only choice! They only require re-staining every 4-5 years.

Redwood is a perfect wood for many pieces of wooden backyard equipment, including swing sets, patios and decks. Redwood is naturally beautiful, with its vibrant, yet natural red color, many aesthetically-minded homeowners prefer to use redwood in their backyards. Because of its natural beauty, it meshes well in a natural setting. It doesn’t intrude upon the senses, like metal, which can rust and fade, making a sore spot in your backyard.

Additional Benefits of Redwood…

There are many benefits to redwood that make it a great choice for a low maintenance swing set.

Redwood is naturally resistant to bugs and rot, making it a hardier swing set. Aside from less maintenance, having a natural rot resistant wood makes your swing set safer, giving it longevity and the ability to withstand rough playing from any age children.

Redwood is also naturally weather resistant. If you live in a place that gets lots of wet weather like rain and snow, a redwood swing set will hold up much longer than other woods or a metal swing set. Redwood can retain water for much longer than many woods, allowing it to stay its original shape, instead of bowing, shrinking or expanding leaving you with warped wood.

Redwood Swing Sets are Low Maintenance & Environmentally Friendly

maintenance free swing sets
In addition to being nearly maintenance free, our redwood swing sets also have very low environmental impact.

“We are committed to sustainable and renewable forestry. Our American redwood suppliers harvest less than 2% of their forests and after harvest their lands are promptly replenished to ensure that new forests are regrown.”

 Our redwood suppliers must meet the following criteria:

  • Harvest lumber from their own lands
  • Replant and reforest harvested areaseco friendly wood swing sets
  • Reduce impact on our future generations
  • Protect forests from wildfire, pests and diseases
  • Manage lands of special significance
  • Comply with forestry and environmental laws

We Only use 100% California Redwood…

We only use 100% American redwood, which meets these sustainable and quality criteria.
So, be sure to check out our redwood play sets online, a durable and low maintenance swing set that you will love for years!

low maintenance swing sets
The Big Top is just one of our beautiful, strong and low maintenance swing sets we offer…

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