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play set as snow fort
A play set can double as a whimsical snow fort too!

With the Polar Vortex sending crazy snow slides all over the country that means there are some places where kids are stuck indoors with no school. Or after school, there is no playing on the playground.

But once the weather warms up enough to send them out in the snow, give your kids a project. Make a snow fort with your play set!

Play sets make a great snow fort.

Give your kids a shovel and show them how to shovel large amounts of snow in front of the play set. Using the back of the shovel, they can tamp down the snow around the edges of the play set around underneath the deck and around the slide. Just make sure you leave some room for them to get out.

winter play sets snow fort
Put your play set to good use during the winter!

It can be easy to make a simple snow fort, or get complicated. I guess that depends on each child’s determination to make the perfect snow fort.

Inspire yourself with Pinterest.

Make a Snow Fort with Bricks

If you want to get really fancy, use a bucket to compact the snow into bricks.

How to Make a Snow Fort Video

Kids Will Do Their Own Thing

snow ball next to fort
A snow ball fight can be fun as long as there is adult supervision!

The great thing about building a snow fort is that it will give the kids something constructive to do for hours. The activity will keep them warm. And when they are done, they will have something to do.

Once the snow fort is done, you and your family can hash out any pent up feelings with a good old fashioned snow ball fight.

Don’t Forget the Hot Chocolate…

Once you’re done, don’t forget to make the day extra special with some hot cocoa.

Boy, those kids will sleep soundly tonight!





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