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Cool, Crafty, DIY (and other) Valentine Ideas for Kids

[LoginRadius_Share]One of the best parts of being a parent is that Valentine’s Day is turned into something less than romantic. (Can you tell I’m not the mushy sort?) Rather than wondering if your honey will remember a dozen roses, you can turn your attention toward giving, rather than receiving, (which is, btw, a healthy lesson … Continued

Should Christmas Be About Presents or Family?

The origins of Christmas have always been about celebration of family and community. But as the holiday becomes more and more commercialized, there are some parents who are backing away from the tradition of buying and moving back toward the original traditions. Many families are asking themselves, “should Christmas be about presents or family?” For … Continued

Setting Daily Goals for Kids’ Outdoor Activities: Tips for Keeping Active in the Fall and Winter

Keep your kids active in the fall and winter months by setting daily goals for exercise. Just because winter is coming doesn’t mean you should start letting your kids sit around in front of the tube (or computer). Keeping kids active in the winter time is necessary to keep their minds and bodies growing at … Continued

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