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There is nothing more convenient and enjoyable for a family than having outdoor play sets in the backyard. They provide a place for children to entertain themselves while still being close to home and under a parent’s watchful eye. Having outdoor play sets in the backyard means that a child doesn’t need to be walked to the park or nearby schoolyard when they need some time outside.

Outdoor Play Set Typically outdoor play sets are safer than sets in a schoolyard or playground because they keep children close by, however, there are still some safety hazards associated with these sets. Usually these hazards are due to how the children use these outdoor play sets rather than the sets themselves. This means that you can improve your child’s safety when playing if you are aware of these hazards.

Consider some quick tips on how to keep outdoor play sets safer for your children overall.

Mind the Use

Typically the dangers associated with outdoor play sets are due to how children use them. While accidents will happen, it’s good to remind your children to be safe when on these sets. Be aware of other children that are swinging so that you don’t walk into them. Don’t try to run up or down a slide as this may mean a trip and fall. Simple tips like these will mean that there will be fewer accidents and injuries on outdoor play sets.

The height of the outdoor play sets are also involved in some common injuries. It’s not unusual for children to want to jump off the high points of the sets but this can cause injury. Older children are usually more fearless than the younger children but parents need to be careful about the risk of injury when they use outdoor play sets incorrectly.

Choosing the Right Set

Most outdoor play sets are designed with safety in mind. They typically use plastic parts with rounded corners, all of which are safer for children. Metal parts, including screws and bolts, are dangerous if and when children run into them. Wooden beams are also safer than metal ones since they absorb impact during a collision. Today’s outdoor play sets are much safer overall than the ones your parents or grandparents would play on!

But that doesn’t mean that they’re all safe when it comes to their design. If you’re looking for used outdoor play sets you may find far fewer safety features. Metal sets with metal screws and bolts are very dangerous for children. Those that are rusted and that need painting also can be dangerous for children if they put anything in their mouths.

So when shopping for outdoor play sets be sure to look at the materials and the design overall. Check corners and construction items such as screws and bolts. Imagine your children playing on them! If these older outdoor play sets don’t seem safe, they probably aren’t, so it may be good to choose another one.

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