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kids play sets
School’s back in session!

We all know play sets give kids a great physical workout, but have you considered the mental benefits? With the school year starting, it’s important to remember that kids still need daily exercise. Playing on your play set at home will be one of the best ways to get in that daily exercise!

Your kids brains and bodies are developing at an intense rate while they are growing. While healthy food and academics are important, don’t forget that daily exercise benefits the brain in many ways. Since most kids would rather swing and climb then study after a long day at school, having a play set in your backyard is the perfect solution to encourage mental exercise.

Play Sets & Daily Exercise Benefits Your Kids Brains

Cognition: Studies have shown that daily exercise and play sets can affect cognition. Yep, that’s right. Physical activity helps the brain understand academics better and faster. So if your child’s grades are going down the tubes, consider that they just might need a regular dose of outside activity to get the brain up and working. So, the saying “Play sets make kids smarter” is absolutely true.

Executive Function: A study by the American Psychological Association (APA) showed that regular exercise improves executive function. This brain function connects past experiences with present action. It aids in things like, planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention, remembering details and managing time and space.

Attention Deficit Disorders: Daily exercise has been proven to greatly improve brain function for children (and adults) with attention disorders like ADHD and ADD. There is a correlation between calming the mind and releasing excess energy.

outdoor play sets for kids
Play sets give kids a fun outlet to release their endless amounts of energy.

Learning and Memory: A daily dose of exercise and play can improve memory and improve the overall amount of learning a child is able to do.

kids playing outside
A healthy child is a happy child!

Long term Neuroplasticity: The same study showing that exercise improves learning and memory also showed that daily exercise keeps neurodegenerative diseases, like dementia and Alzheimer’s at bay. Good exercise habits in childhood can lead to a healthy brain well into old age.

Aids in Children with Disabilities: Children who are physically disabled can benefit greatly from daily exercise. A study showed that children with physical handicaps benefit even more so from physical exercise than children without physical handicaps.

Mental Health: Regular exercise is extremely important to stay mentally healthy. Physical activity has been proven to benefit people of all ages who suffer from mental challenges like depression and anxiety. However, exercise has been proven to also improve the mental health of children with mental disorders such as schizophrenia.

Get Kids Outside on Play Sets Early and Often

Play sets offer so much adventure and excitement to kids. The best part of it is, parents will be the only ones who know they’re exercising. Often, exercise is seen as a means to an end for the physical body. But keep in mind that exercise benefits the brain just as much as the body. Keeping healthy and fit on the outside can give you a healthy and fit brain. Playing on swing sets will certainly not guarantee your kids an A+, but they will make your child extra sharp mentally and physically!

kids on play sets
Improving a child’s mental capacity should not end once the bell rings at the end of the day. Even on day’s when your child does not have homework, encourage them to get active outside and experience the joy of play sets. Best of all, play sets do not require a yearly membership. 

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