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    The health and safety of our customers, installers and employees is our highest priority. As communities deal with the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), more than ever, we recognize the importance of keeping you informed about the special measures we’re taking. Our management meets daily to monitor local and national developments regarding COVID-19. … Continued

Cool, Crafty, DIY (and other) Valentine Ideas for Kids

[LoginRadius_Share]One of the best parts of being a parent is that Valentine’s Day is turned into something less than romantic. (Can you tell I’m not the mushy sort?) Rather than wondering if your honey will remember a dozen roses, you can turn your attention toward giving, rather than receiving, (which is, btw, a healthy lesson … Continued

Summer Bedtime: Re-establish School Routines and Ensure Healthy Amounts of Sleep in the Summer

Most parenting experts will tell you that you should keep your child’s summertime routines similar to school year routines. This includes bedtime routines. However, as parents, we all know that just doesn’t always happen in the summer. There are fun evening activities and we don’t want our kids to miss all the fun. Personally, the … Continued

10 Simple Summer Snack Ideas

Summer is around the corner, which means fun in the sun is on its way!  As a kid, you never wanted to cut short those endless hours playing outside for a silly thing like eating!  But as a parent you know that kids need food to re-energize and stay hydrated. Here are 10 simple snack … Continued

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