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How to Prevent Bullying on the Playground

Bullying in schools has been making the headlines a lot these days. While there are a variety of places bullying can take place, bullying often starts on the playground, when children are still young. According to Bully Free Program, bullying starts as early as age 3-4. It’s most likely to occur where there is no … Continued

Use Your Play Set to Get a Vitamin D Boost

With summer right around the corner, this is the season many people will spend the most time outdoors. And with summer comes lots of sunscreen, hats, and general covering up of the skin. But hold off a bit on the sunscreen and use your time spent in the backyard playing on the play set to … Continued


If you follow consumer news, you know that the electronics market has been unpredictable and unstable lately. Video game consoles that were marketed as “the next big thing” have flopped upon release. Even the successful consoles have faded in popularity as inexpensive game downloads and mobile apps have taken their place. Newer, smaller, faster devices … Continued

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