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I always try to remember to make sure my kiddo has what she needs other than what’s on the supply list. It’s also necessary for me, as a parent, to prep for the school year. Hey, getting back into the routine of school is tough for the whole family!

Back to School Survival Kits for Kids

Leaving mom and dad after a long summer can be rough on little ones. Remember that your kids aren’t as prepared as adults for long days away from home. Make sure your children have provisions to help them get through those first long days.

Here are a few extra things to pack in the backpack to make your child’s first days back at school smooth:

  • Pictures of mom and dad
  • Love notes
  • Energy snacks: protein bars, fruit and small bags of crackers or nuts will keep your kids’ energy going throughout the day
  • Supply of back to school jokes
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Back to School Jokes for Kids

back to school tips for parentsHaving a joke or five to tell can put anyone at ease on a nervous first day at school. Slip
your kid a few jokes to get all their friends laughing. (Remind them to save it for the playground!)

  1. Why does our teacher wear glasses? Because all her students are so bright!
  2. Why does a music teacher need a ladder? To reach the high notes!
  3. What foods do math teachers eat? Square meals!
  4. Why didn’t the sun go to college? Because it already has a million degrees!
  5. How do bees get to school? On the school buzz!
  6. Mom, I got a hundred in school today! Really? That’s awesome. What subject? 60 in math and 40 in English!
  7. Why didn’t the skeleton go to the school dance? Because he had no body to go with!
  8. What kind of school do you go to if you’re a….
  • Surfer? A boarding school.
  • Giant? A high school.
  • King Arthur? Knight school.

 Back to School Survival Kits for Parents

Giving your child inspiration to make their school year great is energizing for the parents. Worry can take over if you don’t feel you’ve prepped your children for the school year.

To start with, make sure your bring excitement into the first days of school.

  • Throw a party or decorate for the first day of school to get your kiddos jazzed up for the start of school.

Check out these free First Day of School Printables from Passion for Savings.

  • Organize a launch station for your children’s daily routine.

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Install hooks by the front door with spots for jackets, backpacks, lunchboxes and shoes.

  • Set up a homework station.

Fill some caddies with pens, pencils, erasers, colored pencils, markers and erasers. Stock your station with paper, calculators, rulers and any other necessities so that your kids are ready to go after school. Add a timer so they can learn about time management. Set a timer in 10 or 20 minute increments helps get homework done. They can work for a period and then take a break.

  • Plan out lunches. Make sure you have plenty of lunch and snack ideas handy.
  • Get plenty of rest. Everyone, including mom and dad, need to make sure they are resting up at the start of the school year.

Making the School Year Great for Everyone

A new school year can be a trying part of daily life. Make the most of it by planning and preparing for it.

back to school survival kits

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