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Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21, it’s coming right around the corner, so you don’t want to be caught empty handed. Rather than running out to the store at the last minute for a card and quickly purchased gift, why not use a little ingenuity ahead of time and make him something special?

It’s easy to come up with creative ideas these days. Long gone are the days when Father’s Day meant a new watch or a tie!

Father’s Day Gift Ideas Any Dad Would Love

I’ll start off with a simple one because I know how busy life can get. This one is a free printable. Print it out and put your child’s handprints on it. Easy peasy!


fathers day gift ideas
Source: Catch My Party.

2. This next one is super adorable. Inspired by the board book, “I Love My Daddy Because…” this post outlines how a crafty mom replaced the photos with some personal pictures of her son with his dad and gave it to him for Father’s Day. What a great idea!

I love my daddy frame gift
Source: Yellow Fence.

3. You’ll make your partner cry with this one. Parents love it when their little ones write up their own thoughts and the topic of dad is no different! Have your child write this in his/her own handwriting to make it even more special.

my favorite daddy idea
Source: Pinterest

4. Turns out I’m not the only parent who figured out how to get in some rest and play with the kidlets at the same time! This race track T-shirt is hilarious. Both dad and the kids will get some fun out of this one!

gift ideas for dads
Source: The Winthrop Chronicles

5. Okay so this one’s not a DIY, although, you could certainly get creative and use it for inspiration to make your own. But I couldn’t pass up this T-shirt so it makes honorable mention!

cant scare me I have daughters shirt
Source: Etsy

6. Forget about a gift basket, make up a gift BUCKET! Way different than a bucket list, the gift bucket is filled with all of dad’s favorite things. And best of all, there’s no physical labor involved in putting this one together.

ideas for fathers day gifts
Source: Tried and Twisted.

7. Create shadow photos with your kids’ shadows and a special Father’s Day message for dad. He’ll love it!

shadow photo images idea dad
Source: Discount Queens.

8. If hubby is a coffee/tea drinker, this scribble mug is a great gift. It’s creative, sentimental and practical all at the same time.

mugs to make for fathers day
Source: I Heart Arts and Crafts.

9. Father’s Day is the perfect time to make these sentimental and nostalgic wooden letter blocks for your dad.

Source: Stories By Me.
Source: Stories By Me.

For those who want something easy and a little schmaltzier, here are a handful of fun, frivolous gifts that the jokester dad will love!

10. A candy bouquet:

Source: Listotic.
Source: Listotic.

11. Decorated golf balls:

fathers day decorating golf balls idea
Source: Laughing Kids Learn.

12. Is the dad in your life a little nuts? This is the perfect gift!

Source: Cincy Shopper.
Source: Cincy Shopper.

13. These beer coasters would be totally perfect for dad’s man cave.

Source: Post Grad Crafting.
Source: Post Grad Crafting.

14. And while we’re thinking about the man cave, why not DIY up this nifty bottle opener for him to hang out there?

Source: Shanty 2 Chic.
Source: Shanty 2 Chic.

15. What dad wouldn’t want a cookie jar? Well, a jar of cookies, anyway. :/

Source: Pinterest.
Source: Pinterest.

16. Once you’ve got your gift underway, it’s time to figure out what dad will want to eat on his special day. They say the way to man’s heart is through his stomach. These bacon hearts will start his special day off right.

Source: Pinterest.
Source: Pinterest.

17. Paired with bacon, “mancakes” will be a hearty breakfast!

Source: Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons.
Source: Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons.

18. For lunch, be sure to make something manly, but classy. Gourmet burgers anyone?

Source: Pinterest.
Source: Pinterest.

19. On Father’s Day, he’s not supposed to work in the yard. These lawnmower cupcakes will remind of how much you appreciate what he does around the house.

Source: The Celebration Shoppe.
Source: The Celebration Shoppe.

20. For an easy-to-make, cake, but looks crafty and unique, this Father’s Day shirt cake made from M&Ms is sure to be tasty! Just make a cake, frost with vanilla frosting and decorate with candy!

Source: We Like to Learn As We Go.
Source: We Like to Learn As We Go.

Even if you only do one or two things on this list, dad is sure to be pleased and feel loved on this Father’s Day. It doesn’t take much to let the dads in your life know they are special.

It’s not too late to get your Dad a great Father’s Day gift. Have a great Father’s Day gift idea to share? Join us in the conversation.

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