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It’s that time of year, Teacher Appreciation Day/Week…. Month? Whatever your school does, we do appreciate our teachers. They work so hard every school day, teaching our kids and giving them love. At the end of the year, parents like to make sure they know they are appreciated! But how to show it? There are a million ways. Let’s check out a few:

Best Gift Ideas for Teachers

Number one and two on this list are gift cards and food. Every year so far, at our school, homeroom parents send the teachers a survey and ask them what they like to receive as gifts. It’s typically gift cards and food. Our teacher loves coffee and breakfast tacos. Ya can’t go wrong with a prepaid Visa or Mastercard gift card.

teacher gift ideas

Pair a gift card with some coffee or breakfast foods and you’ll be your child’s teacher’s favorite parent.

gift ideas for teachers

Now, gift cards and coffee/breakfast items are the way to go in my book. I’m lazy. But out there on the interwebs are some super crafty ideas for those who like to get more personal with their gifts. I think most teachers also appreciate thoughtful and crafty gifts as well. Let’s take a look at what I found.

I love these free printable gift tags found over on Kinder Craze. Pair these with the above along with a nice coffee mug or a bag of beans, and you’ve got a more personal gift.


With a little ingenuity and a good photo editor, you can do up this next idea.

Source: Chocolates For Breakfast

Putting together a poster with some of the special things about your teacher will make her/his day! Along with some gifts too, that is. 😉

popularLet’s say you’re more into practical gifts. This one reminds me of those diaper cakes you see at baby showers. Hey, I know several teachers and they’re always spending their own hard-earned dollars on school supplies. Helping them out with some extras would very likely be much appreciated.

Source: It's Written on the Wall
Source: It’s Written on the Wall

I love candy and so when I saw this crayon candy dish over at Two Sisters Crafting, I couldn’t resist. It’s just too perfect!


I have to admit, I’m a sucker for a good DIY gift/project. This looks like something a kid could make and that makes me love it all the more for a teacher appreciation gift.

Source: Cindy Shopper
Source: Cincy Shopper

I love getting plants as gifts and this is a gift that keeps on giving. Succulent gardens are beautiful and easy to care for.

Source: The Idea Room
Source: The Idea Room

Practically speaking, a parent knows this: You can never go wrong with soap. It’s something all teachers need. And plenty of it.

Source: It's Always Autumn
Source: It’s Always Autumn

Hey remember that gift card idea from up top? Stick with that and just get cutesy with the card.

Source: Crafting In the Rain
Source: Crafting In the Rain

One word: Chocolate. Seriously people.


I’m gonna get real old school on you all right here and suggest something that your teacher might just love. Flowers.


And finally, because I seriously cannot pass up a good 90s pop culture joke/reference.

Source: My Two Monsters
Source: My 3 Monsters

Show your Teachers that you Care!

Okay, technically that last one is a Valentine. But I think it makes a great Teacher Appreciation Gift as well. Pick out your teacher’s favorite bag o’ chips and give them a laugh. That’s something that everyone needs.

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